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" When 12-year-old girls are watching something like the CW’s long-running campy drama One Tree Hill (which aired from 2003-2012), in which actors like 25-year-old Hilarie Burton played 17-year-old cheerleader Peyton Sawyer, they’re not seeing an accurate portrayal of their future on screen. They’re seeing a glamorized vision of some executive’s idealized version of high school instead. When a real 16-year-old cheerleader flips on the CW and sees fellow pompom shakers who look like Burton or costar Sophia Bush, also well beyond her high school years, they’re looking at themselves at wondering why they don’t look like that in their uniform. Here’s the secret: they didn’t when they were 16, either. "

Samantha Wilson, Why Teenagers Need to Play Teenagers On Screen (via thunderboltandlightning)

Aka the thesis of my entire tumblr.

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This is super accurate and super important and I think the other thing though is that if they DID use REAL teenagers to play teenagers it’d be not only harder to sexualize them it would be less appropriate. And I think that says a lot. 

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